Monday, February 7, 2011


I'm not sure if this is THE paradigm shift that will tip the balance in favour of e-books over the printed book, but I would certainly consider it a signpost along the way.

According to 
"The state of Georgia is reportedly considering a plan to get rid of conventional textbooks and shift middle school classrooms in the state to wireless iPads built by Apple, following positive iPad trials in place by schools around the US.

Republican Senate President pro tem Tommie Williams told the press earlier this week that the Georgia legislature and educators are considering a proposal by Apple to replace printed books, according to a report by Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

"Last week we met with Apple Computers," Williams said, "and they have a really promising program where they come in and their [sic] recommending to middle schools – for $500 per child per year, they will furnish every child with an iPad, wi-fi the system, provide all the books on the system, all the upgrades, all the teacher training – and the results they’re getting from these kids is phenomenal."

The senator added, "we’re currently spending about $40 million a year on books. And they last about seven years. We have books that don’t even have 9/11. This is the way kids are learning, and we need to be willing to move in that direction.”"
Overhead projector? There's an app for that.

Read the rest of the story here.

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Kal said...

Personally I like the idea of replacing textbooks with computer technology. Any chance to get the kids into the tech world will be advantageous to their future. Of course all the sites they go to need to be monitored for content and you don't want the ipads to replace one on one interaction with an teacher but they would be a really effective tool for lots of things. They just would have to be pretty indestructable. Best if they just embed them into the desks.

I would also like to see teachers have upgraded technology that lets them monitor what the kids are looking at and allow them to project images and video onto the front board. Those computers they have on CNN that are finger activated are pretty cool. Or something holographic like in IRON MAN.

Pat Tillett said...

Once the kids get used to reading like this in school, it seems much more lifely that they will use ebooks for personal reading also.
I don't really like it, but there is no stopping this train...

Pat Tillett said...

ah, make that "likely." I invented a new word...

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