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"Fans can be obsessive, Star Wars fans may be the most obsessive and Jambe Davdar may well be the most obsessive of them all. He has just released his third feature-length documentary/commentary chronicling the original trilogy of George Lucas’ beloved Star Wars and it’s called “Star Wars Begins“. Like his two previous documentaries, Returning To Jedi and Building Empire, Star Wars Begins is an unofficial look at the creation of the classic movie and features tons of deleted scenes, alternate takes and different angles, bloopers, original set audio recordings, and an insane amount of commentary from cast and crew, culled from probably every documentary, interview and commentary track ever made about Star Wars.

What’s really interesting about the format is that Davdar’s documentary is feature-length, and follows the flow of the original movie itself with the deleted scenes added where they would have been, and interviews placed over the top of the action they’re describing. The overall effect is much more engrossing than a DVD commentary track and the wealth of material contained makes it well worth sitting through the 14 separate YouTube clips. Personally, I’ve never heard the seen the deleted scenes of Biggs on Tatooine and hearing David Prowse saying Vader’s dialogue makes you wonder how this guy was ever gonna be the galaxy’s bad-ass.

Davdar has obviously invested a hell of a lot of time (nearly 4 years!) and effort into creating this film, and the other two parts of his own trilogy, and I doubt that anything on the forthcoming Blu-Ray box set will go into as much detail or exude as much love for the subject matter as these films do. Watch them now on YouTube (part 1 is below) and let’s hope Mr. Lucas doesn’t send the heavy mob in."

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