Tuesday, December 27, 2011

SHERLOCK HOLMES: A Game of Shadows

Went and saw this last night. Not sure if I liked it better or not quite as well as the first one. It was on a par with it, nevertheless.

However. I have read all of the Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes stories and I can tell you that the original stories did not contain a lot of explosions, gattling guns, urban camouflage, martial arts and slow-motion-MATRIX-like fight scenes. If you really like that stuff then you will be fine with this movie. If, on the other hand, you're a bit of a purist when it comes to Conan Doyle, you might want to give this a miss.

Despite the Victorian atmosphere (sometimes a little overwrought) and Stephen Frey as a flamboyant Mycroft, these films don't really capture the essence of the Conan Doyle stories as well as Stephen Moffat's excellent series SHERLOCK.

Despite being transported to modern day London, SHERLOCK captures the feeling and the essence of the Conan Doyle stories in a way that hasn't happened since Jeremy Brett was still alive and playing the great detective.

Nevertheless if you don't mind the "Big Screen Experience" overwhelming everything, then by all means go and see A Game of Shadows. You will be entertained, if not educated.

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Don Hudson said...

I can understand why the action scenes could leave you cold, but I enjoyed the action and thought it was better than the first one.

M. D. Jackson said...
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M. D. Jackson said...

Actually I thought the action scenes were very well done, particularly the chase through the forest with the slow motion and "frozen moment" tableaus. Filmmakers always try to inject action scenes onto a character who is essentially more cerebral then the "man of action" that they try to turn him into. I suppose I have to give some respect to director Guy Ritchie for going "full retard" with the action sequences while at the same time trying to maintain Holmes' intellectual qualities.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I thoroughly enjoyed both movies. It's not for purists, but there are certain aspects from the books that appear in the movies. Ultimately it's the interplay between the leads that makes the movie.

Paladin said...

Mrs. Paladin and I are going to see this tomorrow. I'm a huge fan of the books. I've read them all and recently downloaded them to Kindle to re-read them again.

I like the movies, even if they are more "action" oriented. I receive them as sort of a steampunked version of the orginals :) And I do quite like the firearms... I've seen both a Webley and a C96 Broomhandle Mauser in promo posters. It will be interesting to see of either/both make it into the actual film.

Pat Tillett said...

I've loved the books since I was very young and resisted seeing any "new" movies. I did anyway and like them a lot. Much more action sequences than in the books, that's for sure. I haven't seen the latest yet, but will very soon!

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