Sunday, April 17, 2011


Last night my wife and I went and saw Royal Wood in concert. Wood is a Juno nominated singer/songwriter. (The Juno's are the Canadian equivalent of the Grammy's).

I knew nothing about him nor had I heard any of his music. He usually travels with a band but this tour was a smaller affair with quieter concerts in more intimate venues. Wood sang and alternately played a stand-up piano and a guitar.

Someone had described him as " Michael Buble but not as good," although as the concert began I found that was not an accurate description at all. Royal Wood has a unique voice. Far from being the crooner that Buble is, Wood sings lyrical songs that are emotional and direct and more than just a bit sad. His stage presence reminded my of a younger Lyle Lovett and his songs reminded me of the late, great Harry Nillson, a performer who I absolutely adore.

I thoroughly enjoyed the concert, which was the final show of his Western Canadian tour. The songs were fabulous and one in particular, Ladies in White brought me to tears. Wood has a low-key and self-effacing presence on stage and the small venue allowed him to interact with the audience. It felt less like a show and more like an informal gathering at which Wood played and sang.

Wood is from Toronto but has not had a great deal of exposure through radio or television. His song "A Mirror Without" was featured on an episode of the TV show GRAY'S ANATOMY. If you are a fan of the US version of BEING HUMAN (on Syfy in the US and on SPACE in Canada) an upcoming episode will feature his song Juliet.

His songs are on Youtube and you can hear some of his work at his website. I encourage you to visit his site and hear for yourself. I am now a big Royal Wood fan.

Here is the video for Juliet:

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