Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Poet is the boon companion and friend of Sirtago, the Ka of Trigassa. They are like brothers.

Scholarly, erudite and sensitive, Poet is also deadly with his twin blades. He is able to keep his friend out of trouble most times, but when trouble is at hand there is none more fierce than Poet. He is usually able to keep his wits about him and keep Sirtago pointed in the right direction, though a pretty face is likely to distract him.

Poet tends to fall in love easily, but the great unrequited love of his life is Sirtago's sister Jeswana. 

In THE GREEN BEAST Poet's heart breaks for the first time (but not the last) as Jeswana's affections are bestowed upon another. THE GREEN BEAST is now availble for Kindle for only $2.99!.

UPDATE: Hey, do me a favor: you don't have to buy it, but do visit the page -- even if you don't have a Kindle you can still visit the page -- and press the like button.

Let me know you did it in the comments and I will offer up a prize of some sort.

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