Tuesday, November 29, 2011


You know the more I see of this movie the more I feel this strange churning in my guts. I grew up with Edgar Rice Burroughs in my head. Burroughs' Mars was a place of wonder and danger and part of me is really glad that it is getting a big-screen treatment now when the technology is ready for it.

On the other hand it's like my worst nightmare that it's being done by Disney. Every time I see new stills it just confirms the worst and this new batch is no exception.

The design of the CGI creatures, especially the tharks, is just so cartoony, so... frickin'... Disney! And what's with all those clothes that Dejah Thoris is wearing?

I'm sorry. You can pump all the money you want into this thing but this will always be Barsoom to me:

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Marko said...

I know what you mean...it seems that every time Disney gets their hands on a good book (like Jules Verne or even "Winnie the Pooh")they can turn it into crap!They must have some in-house philosophy about leaving their own fingerprints on an item to "make it their own". One can only hope that if they F**k-up "Princess" they won't try to do the whole series...I would rather read the books and build the images in my mind's eye!

Matthew Killorin said...

Agree. The design choices on the creatures ARE odd. They aren't menacing enough. Who exactly is this film aimed at. I wonder.

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