Wednesday, April 11, 2012


My friend, Frank Garcia, is the author of what is considered to be the authoritative compendium of science fiction television series. Separated into two volumes, the books are coveted by fans and industry professionals alike.

Volume two, which covers the years 1990 - 2004 is out in trade paperback. It is "...A comprehensive showcase of 58 prime-time science fiction television series produced from 1990-2004. Each program is covered with an in-depth chapter, containing conversations with actors, writers, directors and producers." Honestly, there's stuff in this book that you will not find anywhere else.

From fan favorites like Firefly to obscure series like Mercy Point, this book covers it all. I had a small part in helping put it together and I can tell you it is a fascinating read for any fan of science fiction on television.

Buy the book here!

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