Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Just when I thought there was no more Space Opera in the movies, this shows up. Horizon (link may be NSFW) is described as:

A high-tech step into the year 2085, Horizon unfolds as a civilization of extraterrestrial origin has invaded Earth. Of the planet’s nine billion inhabitants, approximately one third have been killed and nearly two billion more have been evacuated to a military base dug into the core of Mercury. Of the four billion humans who remain on Earth, none are expected to survive beyond the next 48 hours.

Taking a last stand against the alien onslaught, one Marine battalion remains on the surface. But they are in retreat, desperately attempting to reach the safety of the space cruiser Horizon, when events occur which place the future of the Earth and all of its remaining inhabitants in peril…

In addition to the Wicked Girls, the universe depicted in Horizon features some of adult’s brightest stars, including AVN Best Actress winner Kimberly Kane, Bobbi Starr, Misty Stone, Aiden Starr, Rocco Reed, Bill Bailey, Tony De Sergio, Xander Corvis, and Danny Mountain.

Wait... adult's brightest stars?

Okay, it's a porno film. Wicked Pictures, a studio specializing in pornographic pictures, has released this film from director Sam Hain (samhain? I'm thinking it's not his real name).

Well, it's pretty sad when the only new release that has spaceships in it is a porn movie. But look at their patches: they're Canadian!

Here's the trailer. Don't worry, it's safe for work.

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