Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Cover art for THE SPECIALISTS by Derrick Ferguson and Joel Jenkins.

I'm very lucky.

I have been very fortunate to do the cover art for a book series fromPulpWork Press. Author Joel Jenkins writes a series of fast-paced action thrillers featuring the Gantlet Brothers. The five Gantlet siblings are rock and roll musicians and guns for hire. The books are a series of high octane chases, escapes, mysteries and a whole lot of fun.

Because I have done the cover art I have had the privilege of getting to read each of the books before they are released and they have gotten better each time.

Pulpwork Press is also the publisher of Derrick Ferguson's DILLON books. Dillon is a larger-than-life adventurer in the tradition of the old hero-pulps. Ferguson's Dillon books are amazing and great fun to read.

So when DILLON teams up with SLY GANTLET in THE SPECIALISTS you know the results are going to be explosive.

I loved this book. It is a blast to read and you can tell that Joel and Derrick had a blast writing it. If you are a fan of either series then getting this book is a no-brainer. If you aren't familiar with these characters than, by all means, become familiar with them! These books are that good!

THE SPECIALISTS will be released this May.

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