Tuesday, April 2, 2013


So my April Fool's Post yesterday didn't fool anybody. What's more it garnered some disrespect for my interpretive dance skills.

So, no, I'm not chucking it all. I'm still blogging and still working as an artist. I still moonlight as a writer, Jack Mackenzie (who has a new book coming out sometime soon!) and I still leave smartass comments at my friends' blogs, mostly over at Cal's place.

I have nothing much to show right now except for the little sneak peek above. It's for a larger and unusual project which I will hopefully be able to rave about soon. It's a collaborative project with another talented artist/designer, Damon Orell. It's in its early stages right now, but it's an exciting project which I can't say much about, unfortunately.

(Really, I can't... not without Damon sending a bunch of guys after me with black suits, sunglasses and no compunctions about ventilating an artist. Seriously, the guy's connected!)

So, thank you for paying attention to me blathering on. As a reward, here's a bunch of random pictures culled from my image morgue...

Oh, hey! Look! That's me...!

I've been here and there. I've drawn a lot of pictures. I've written a bit, too. I'm not good at this self-promotion thing. Look, you want to know about me? just visit these websites. Okay?

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