Friday, January 18, 2013

Dress For the Occasion: The Scantily Clad Female

So, here’s a question:

Say you’re a beautiful woman (I assume some of you reading this actually are women. Please believe me when I say that in my eyes all women are beautiful. If you’re a man reading this, then use your imagination) and you need to leave the relative safety of your spacecraft to go out into the vacuum of space or maybe planetside where there is a strong possibility that you will run into hostile aliens.

What do you wear?

It’s a tough one, I know.

Conventional wisdom would suggest that a self contained space suit with a substantial air supply and radiation shielding. That sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

But not so fast. If we’re examining the history of science fiction illustration (which, at the moment, I am) then we have to think outside the box of conventional wisdom. Here we must enter the strange wisdom of the science fiction cover illustration.

So, what does the typical beautiful woman wear into space?

How about an evening gown?

That seemed to be a good idea to the woman depicted in a Norman Saunders’ painting for Marvel Science magazine in May 1951 in which two adequately suited spacemen appear to be manhandling a negligee-clad woman into a spaceship.

Now, according to something that we like to call science, the human body cannot survive unprotected in a vacuum. So the chances that the lovely lady in this painting is alive are slim to 0 to the power of 10 billion. She does, however, leave a beautiful corpse, which is surprising since her body has been exposed to hard vacuum.

You can read the rest of this article over at the AMAZING STORIES website!

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, science. What the hell does it know?

Kal said...

Now that is something that has always been a bug up my ass. All the guys are protected but the female suit leaves room for exposed cleavage. What am I arguing about again?

M. D. Jackson said...

Yeah, I know. It's like: "Science! Science science scien... Oh look! Boobs!"

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Having lived all of my life in the northern midwest (Michigan, Ohio) I've reached the conclusion that women can wear the most revealing outfits and not be effected by the weather. There may be some mild declaration of "its cold", but nothing will be done to alter her wardrobe.

Kal said...

You have convinced me. It's a defense mechanism against male attackers. They pay attention to the va va while her lazer pistol or boots give them the voom.

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