Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I've come a bit late to this. I spent the weekend getting my daughter settled into University (and then trying to deal with the resultant "empty nest") that I didn't get a chance to sit down and watch the first episode of the new season until Monday night.

So many others have reviewed it so I'll just say that I mostly liked it but had some quibbles. First off, for a planet that was supposedly populated by the most wacked out, crazy Daleks filled with "such divine hatred", it seemed pretty lame. I expected a full-on Dalek madhouse but all I got was a few run down Daleks in a basement and a few in chains. I know there's only so much you can do in such a short time and the episode was pretty full, but still it was a bit of a disappointment.

Also, and this is my biggest quibble,: How did the TARDIS get into the Dalek ship at the end for the Doctor to teleport into? That whole thing wasn't explained very well at all.

I liked Oswin but I knew there would be something up with her as soon as the Doctor asked how she got the milk. The reveal at the end was not unexpected but still satisfying.

Looking forward to the next episode, as always.

I've been here and there. I've drawn a lot of pictures. I've written a bit, too. I'm not good at this self-promotion thing. Look, you want to know about me? just visit these websites. Okay?


Kal said...

What is the young one majoring in. Hopefully she is not too far away as to not need Dad anymore.

Introverted Art said...

I have no children, but every time i think about one I think about the day they will leave...

M. D. Jackson said...

She is majoring in Archeology. She`s basically studying to be Indiana Jones. Unfortunately her being so far away will force me to do something that I swore I would never do: Get a cell phone and learn to text.

Ana, my heart is heavy with her absence but it is full to overflowing because of her presence in my life and knowing that she is now out in the world with everything that I have taught her, ready to take it on.

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