Monday, August 6, 2012


I am super excited about this!

I am pleased to announce that THE MASK OF ETERNITY, my first full-length science fiction novel (that is, me writing as Jack Mackenzie), is now available exclusively for Kindle!

THE MASK OF ETERNITY is exciting Space Opera about a forgotten world, a powerful artifact and a galaxy on the brink of war.

Solis DeLacey, captain of the Alpha Centauri Sol Collective vessel Boston, has been sent to a newly discovered world rich in natural resources. But one ship, the Empress Jade and her crew has already gone missing while surveying the planet, dubbed Bounty, and the finger of suspicion is pointing directly to the heart of the Orion Hegemony, the ACSC`s sworn enemy.

DeLacey, her crew and a ship full of scientists find a world teeming with life including the enigmatic natives of Bounty, the Shum. The planet seems like a paradise where life does more than thrive, it excels.

But when they find the wreckage of the the Empress Jade, they also find definitive evidence that the Hegemony was involved in her destruction.

With the arrival of a Hegemony vessel crewed by Da’baa’kh, ruthless, animal-like soldiers, the game changes. The Da’baa’kh are hell bent on finding an ancient treasure – an artifact powerful enough to bring an entire Collective to its knees.

Now DeLacey must discover its secret and defeat her enemies before the galaxy is plunged into total war…

If you have a Kindle you can buy the book for only $4.99. Even if you don't have a Kindle you can visit the page and read the prologue and the first two chapters!

It's only on Kindle now but eventually it will be available for other e-formats as well as in hardcover and paperback!

I've been here and there. I've drawn a lot of pictures. I've written a bit, too. I'm not good at this self-promotion thing. Look, you want to know about me? just visit these websites. Okay?


Kelly Sedinger said...

Sold! Not sure how soon I'll get to read it, but you've got a sale!

Pat Tillett said...

Hey! That is awesome! As soon as I post this comment, I'm going to and getting a copy!
Congrats on that! I'm happy for you...

Joel Jenkins said...

Love that cover! That Rage Machine gear logo is very cool, also.

Kal said...

Yeh, I gotta read this one too. Good on ya for livin' the dream my friend.

Introverted Art said...

wow, wow, wow, how exciting. I am buying it on my kindle To-night!

M. D. Jackson said...

Thank you so much all of you. It really means a lot to me coming from you guys.

Thank you.

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