Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Despite this day`s legendary genesis, the only winners, it seems to me, are the greeting card companies and the chocolate manufacturers.

My question is this: Why do we need to set aside one day and one day only to tell our loved ones that we love them? In an average lifespan, why is it that you can only give someone flowers, cards or chocolates seventy-five or eighty times?

If you love someone you should have told them yesterday. Tell them today, but tell them tomorrow as well and the day after that. There is precious little love in the world. If we start setting aside a mere day for its expression, then we are all sad and lonely people.

And don't worry if you're not in a relationship. Tell your Mom. Tell your Dad. Tell your kids. Tell your cats. Who do you love? Let them know. Don't wait for this one day. Do it when you can.

Maybe the world will be a better place.

I know I sound like an old hippie, and I don't want to make love sound like some mystical power or force, but telling someone that you love them just because it's Valentines Day and you're 'supposed to' seems kind of lame to me. It's only slightly better than being told to 'have a nice day',

Telling those you love that you love for no other reason than that you love...?

Well, that beats a kick in the teeth, doesn't it?

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Paladin said...

Agreed, completely. I look at Valentine's Day as a chance to say "I love us". That gives me 364 other days of the year to say "I love you". And I do so, every single day without fail.

That being said, I haven't gone the flowers and candy route on the actual *day* for many years now. Mrs. Paladin doesn't care for it much and bugs the hell out of the contrarian in me to have the tradition forced upon me :)

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